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I'm at the moicy of the 'prohibitive', but necessary day job at the moment--more to come here when I 'getaminute'...

..:: kimgerly | co-founder & jill of all trades ::..


Disposition: Fiyah in my belly. Compassion in my soul for the musically artistic underdogs.

Musical bacground: It's in my bloodline. My grandfather was a jazz pianist; taught, gigged and hosted the jazz greats at his after-hours speak-easy in Chicago. Pops played the reeded instruments, and held a degree in music. My younger bro is into the thick woody action on the drum kit. Before I started writing music reviews, I DJ'd and volunteered at my college radio stations; WFIT-FM and WREK-FM. I was also formally trained for about ten years on a veritable plethora of brass instruments—Trumpet, French Horn, Tuba, Sousaphone, Baritone, Mellophone—played in concert and marching bands, as well as a couple of quintets. One year I even got to be the Drum Major in high school. Occasionally, when I find a trumpet in my vicinity, I'll let MikeD and turn whatever I blow into a supreme horn line. And every now and then, I'll scrape the tom-toms and hi-hat on the kit.

Education: For some reason I got an undergrad degree in mathematics. Got a fancy MSc in renewable energy systems technology engineering from a uni in the UK. The BFS sanity-check hobby keeps the left brain balanced.

Occupation: Volunteer day-job slave | Project engineer | Webwitchstress | Publisher, TongueBath Tub: TongueBath Music, Ezine [circa 1993, don't laugh], Beatsforsale.com | (former) Tour Manager for (The Unoriginal) MikeD/Curtis Bay/!?.

Music I like: All of it; as long as it's good, not smarmy rehash, lacking orignality or identity.

Dream job: Getting paid to travel the world and sip Turk Kavesi at various ports of call whilst being someone's Tour Manager.

How the i-net sucks up my time: DFM-RTV & the V double-O D double-O on nauticradio for perpetual background sounds whilst battlelin' with the 1's & 0's, plastic and metal | casual (pa)trolling on the i-net | scouring for counter-balanced, alternative news reads | out thinking the box | hope & trimethylxanthine addict | likes solving spherical cow problems & having fun w/fluid mechanics-hydrodynamics AKA competitive swimming | NCAA College Hoops--Go Terps!

Ja, so what else do you wanna know? More? Really? Resume, here.

..:: mike dejong | co-founder emeritus ::..

Curtis Bay | Mike DeJong

Mike DeJong AKA Curtis Bay, !? and the (UO) MikeD. Currently holed-up in Oakland, CA, USA. He's the illbient, MAD! scientist, old-school jazz alto saxophonist-magna-summa-cum-laude electronic hybrid musician (including keyboards, drum kit, guitars, samplers, and a whole lotta other stuff I don't feel like telling you about) that posse'd up with Kimgerly, back-in-the-day, and got this whole BFS joint launched. Inventor of DJ U, the first virtual DJ on the i-net [Aug1999].

Whenever he comes off his break-core bent hidey-hole hiatus, we look forward to whatever he serves-up outta his jazz, acid jazz, hiphop, triphop, jungle, drum-n-bass, Go-Go, IDM, electro, mash-up, metro-denizen, illbient musical locker!

Be sure to listen to .38 Joe; composed one afternoon on Reservior St. in Baltimore, MD, USA [circa fall 1995]—it's the reason this whole Beatsforsale.com/TongueBath Music Publishing joint even came into being...

.38 Joe off the 1998 Genuine Low release on SoundCloud

- Kimgerly {at} beatsforsale {dot} com

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