Everyone at Out Think The Box takes pride in being a generalist. On this page you will find some of the projects that have percolated out our 'vaults'―which are FULL of ideas!

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—a green(er) clean(er) transportation fuel opportunity

Wind Energy

Community Wind & Small Wind in the Built Environment

Caprines & LGDs

for (Wild) Fire Abatement in NorCal

Sustainable Development

Everyday Brilliance for Disaster Resilience Brainstorming


Passive & Low-tech Applications for Water Management

Sis Çit (Fog Fence) © 2015

'Sis Çit' is Türkish for 'Fog Fence'

Food Deserts Be Gone! © 2017

An Inner City Food Desert Solution

Solar Energy

Procedural Guidelines for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Applications

CleanTech Open © 2010

Hybrid Renewable Energy (Solar Electric-Wind-Diesel-Battery) Emergency Telecommunications


Biomass/Biofuel Applications

Gerly Heir Swim Cap © 2016

Making #HERSTORY & reclaiming the gerly!

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