Solar Energy

[May - November 2012] UH-HNEI | DoE Grid, Photovoltaic & Battery Smart Grid Inverter Project; part of the US DoE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy SunShot Initiative. The first of its kind project demonstrating smart grid communications protocol standard for embedding a high-penetration of residential PV inverters on existing electrical distribution networks.

First Draft | System Architecture

[May 2009] The PVSYS solar data analysis modeling software (version 4.36) was used to perform a solar site analysis and energy yield report for a grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system. This analysis also includes a shading analysis for the Wolfson Mechanical Engineering Building stairwell facade located on the campus of Loughborough University located in the Leicestershire, UK.

PV Design for the Wolfson Mechanical Engineering Façade at Loughborough University, UK using PVSYST.

[March 2005] Performed research and produced a draft of a simplified procedural design guideline, Installing Photovoltaics on California K-12 Schools.

Abstract | Installing Photovoltaics on California K-12 Schools

[2005 - 2009] Provided a mechanism for disadvantaged youth and other underrepresented groups to obtain jobs and job skills while contributing to their community as entry level solar PV installers. Business model adopted by Grid Alternatives.

Demo web site | GO! Green Opps


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