Wind Energy

[October 2013] Community wind projects are locally owned with the aim of supporting and reducing energy costs to the local community. The following presentation makes the case for Community Wind in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Presentation | Community Wind–It's needed in the SF Bay Area

[February 2012 - June 2013] Decommissioning a small wind turbine generator (WTG) that was installed in Berkeley, CA, USA in December 1981.

Newspaper Article | 25 March 1982 "Family sets up city's first residential windmill" article in The Berkeley Gazette

14 March 2012 Presentation | Installing a Small WTG in the Built-Environment - What not to do...

Click here to view video. Digitized 8 mm film on YouTube of the installation

Case Study Extract | Small Wind Turbines in the Built Environment Decommissioning Guide. Contact me to obtain instructions for downloading the entire 56 page decommissioning guide.

[November - December 2012] Proposed everyday brilliance for disaster resilience back-up power emergency response options schema for deployment during disaster relief events.

9 November 2012 - Prepare. Respond. Adapt. RE Power `Em Short Business Plan Concept

19 November 2012 - Wind Resource Feasibilty Study Proposal

[October 2009] Proposal to PSU, Portland, OR, USA to perform vibrational and noise mitigating research for a small, urban, rooftop wind turbine system. Impetus was due to mechanical noise issues propagated by aerodynamic revelations in early 2009 when analyzing wind resource data from the Warwick Wind Trials.

Scope of Work Proposal for Portland State University (PSU) MME CAPSTONE Curriculum

[Februrary 2009] Performed research, investigate opportunities siting small wind turbines in the built environment using the Warwick Wind Trials (WWT) data the first study [2007-08] of its kind in the world to monitor 26 rooftop wind installations in the Midlands of the UK. The Wind Speed and Energy Yield Analysis of Small Wind Turbines on a 45m High-rise Building in the Built Environment Interim Report can be reviewed by clicking here.


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